Awards and Clients

Awards:          2006 Faber Birren National Color Award, First Place

                        2002 New Canaan Society for The Arts, New Canaan, CT, Best In Show

                        1999 New Canaan Society for the Arts, New Canaan, CT

                            Best In Show & 2nd Place

                        1995 New Canaan Society for the Arts, New Canaan, CT Honorable Mention

                        1981 United Way Photo Contest, Denver, CO  3rd Place

Clients:          American Cyanimid                                 New Canaan Magazine    

                       Boeringer Ingleheim                               Pfizer

                       Corporate Design and Realty                 Random House

                       Doubleday Books                                   Remington

                       Decisionex                                              Revlon

                       Elite Models                                            Spark Modern Fires

                       McCalls Magazine                                   The Lancet

                                                                                     Westport Magazine



                      "Kevin Robinson's extraordinary photograph "Three Friends" depicts a perfect

                       moment in time.  Direction is a major theme of this image.      

                       Young"cowboys" synchronized in stride toward the right, the car to the    

                       left, and the two signs in the foreground that seemingly parallel those
                       elements.  Beyond admiring the composition of the image, with the

                       capturing of a unique moment in time through the pillars of the structure, one   

                       cannot help but be reminded of the work of Robert Frank and Henri
                       Cartier-Bresson.  For it's relevance in the tradition of great street photography,

                       and it's exceptional characteristics, this image will endure."
                       Bruce Silverstein, Silverstein Gallery, New York City, Juror, New Canaan Society

                        for the Arts, 2002